3D Scanning, Βιομηχανία

3D Scanning & 3D Modelling of an oil rig

Chequered targets were placed and measured using an industrial total station.

METRICA S.A. accomplished 3D Scanning measurements and delivered the 3D model of a specific deck of an oil rig. 

Our team used Leica ScanStation P40 to capture the necessary information. The area of interest was covered through sixty three (63) laser scanner setups. Chequered targets were placed all over the installation and measured with the industrial total station Leica TDRA6000.

After measurements, all data were loaded to the Leica Cyclone software for further processing. Then, point clouds were registered to a final unified and aligned point cloud which was ready to be filtered – cleaned from all irrelevant objects captured during 3D Scanning. The installation was modelled through the usage of geometric primitives and other stored modelling libraries. 

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