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3D Documentation of the Pantokratoras Temple in Mount Penteli

3D scanning of Pantokratoras temple on Mount Penteli.
3D Documentation of the Pantokratoras Temple in Mount Penteli

Our project entails the meticulous three-dimensional scanning of the Pantokratoras temple in the majestic Mount Penteli, encompassing its interior and exterior. We proceeded with processing the temple’s data to generate architectural drawings describing its existing state in intricate detail.

Our team of experts employed a vast amount of advanced technologies to capture the detail of the temple. The Leica RTC360 and Leica ScanStation P40 laser scanners were our trusted companions, boasting a remarkable capacity of over 2 million points per second. The incorporated High Dynamic Range (HDR) camera breathed life into our scans, faithfully attributing true-colour tones to every intricate detail. Approximately 190 scanner setups meticulously covered the entire area of interest within the temple, ensuring we covered every facet.

To achieve a robust view of the temple’s exterior, including the domes and rooftops, we turned to the agile Phantom 4 DJI drone. The data acquired from the drone underwent careful processing and integration using the versatile Agisoft Metashape Professional Software, providing us with a seamless visual record. The data from the laser scanners and the drone were processed and registered into a unified database using Leica Cyclone. This meticulous approach allowed us to create a cohesive, georeferenced dataset, ensuring the accuracy of every measurement.

Post-registration, the point clouds underwent an extensive cleaning process, eliminating irrelevant data and reflections, resulting in a final dataset for further analysis.
As we delved into architectural design, our team meticulously crafted the architectural deliverables using the Leica Cloudworx plugin to ensure the utmost precision in design and rendering.
The generated drawings followed the traces of the scanned areas, employing horizontal and vertical sections to capture the architectural details.

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