3D Scanning, Ναυτιλία

Measurements for dry docking procedures on M/Y

Monitoring afloat and docking conditions included measuring retro-reflective targets.

The main scope of the measurement series was the geometrical inspection of M/Y deformations during the docking process and the geodetic guidance to establish the afloat condition of the yacht in the graving dock (after the end of docking actions).

 Our team placed seventeen (17) marks on the bulwark and ship side corridors. The dense distribution was mainly focused above the vessel’s propulsion system (from the engine room to the propeller). Targets had been pre-aligned to the common coordinate system (CCS).

All marks were measured from the vessel’s aft position on both sides (SB and Port) for visibility reasons.

The positional accuracy had a standard deviation better than σxyz = ±0.5 mm. Using Industrial Total Station Leica TDRA6000 our team ensured the proper shooting angles to the targets. The geodetic measurements were thoroughly planned not to disrupt the docking process and to have a direct result of the actual values of deformation and relevant corrections. It should be referred that dry docking was checked after the ship had been settled on basements and crane support had been removed.

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