AEC, Ανοιχτά ύδατα, Υδρογραφία

Multibeam Survey of Industrial Harbor with NORBIT iWBMS System

Capturing Bathymetric Data in a "Small Boat of Opportunity"

In a captivating live demonstration along the coastal area of Palaia Fokaia in Eastern Attica, Anavyssos, our team gathered high-density bathymetric data, covering approximately 115,000 square meters in under two hours.

The ‘Small Boat of Opportunity,’ a modest vessel chosen for its suitability, played a key role in this operation. Remarkably, no modifications to the boat’s structure were necessary; instead, a specially crafted mount bracket facilitated the seamless attachment of the Multibeam Echo Sounder (MBES).

At the heart of this success is the NORBIT iWBMS, a multibeam sonar that outshines competitors in terms of size, weight, resolution, and features. Its streamlined single cable installation process makes it exceptionally convenient for repeated use on vessels of opportunity.

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