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Revolutionizing Healthcare Facilities: Scan2BIM for Hospitals in Malta

3D scanning of two hospitals in Malta with a total area of 40000 m²
Revolutionizing Healthcare Facilities: Scan to BIM for St. Luke's and Gozo General Hospitals, Malta

St Luke’s Hospital is a former General Hospital located on Guardamangia Hill, Pietà, Malta. The Gozo General Hospital is in Victoria, a town in the centre of the island of Gozo.
METRICA conducted 3D laser scanning measurements on the two hospitals in Malta with a total area of 40000 m². This project aimed to create the structure’s BIM model containing geometric and non-geometric information. This process is known as Scan to BIM. Data will be further utilized for maintenance purposes and renovation process preparation. Our team used the Leica RTC 360 state-of-the-art laser scanner in combination with Leica P40 ScanStation, Leica BLK2GO handheld laser scanner and high accuracy total station Leica TDRA6000 to capture all essential field data to form the BIM of the level of detail 200 – LOD 200.

All 37 levels of the skyscraper were aligned on a common coordinate system. For this reason, numerous checkered black and white targets were placed all around the building. Leica TDRA600 indicated the exact positions of these marks to ensure the geometry of all levels. The next tricky part was the outer structure of the skyscraper. For the lower levels, it was easy to map it. However, for the higher levels, it was essential to use the Leica ScanStation P40 laser scanner with its advanced capabilities to withstand the significant height of 110m of the building and the steep incidence angle. The scan setups for capturing the entire area were over 3000.

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