3D Scanning, Ναυτιλία

Stay at the forefront of inflatable boat design

For this application we used the Leica RTC360 3D reality capture solution.

Manufacturers in the inflatable boats and super yachts industry consistently pursue perfection, and 3D laser scanning technology emerges as the indispensable tool that elevates every phase of a model’s construction, ensuring future-proof design and development. This innovative approach allows for the reverse engineering of all boat parts, granting manufacturers the luxury of efficiently sending newly designed components to third-party companies. These companies can then utilize CNC milling machines to cut the plugs, resulting in a more time and cost-effective production process.

In a recent project, the METRICA team undertook 3D scanning measurements of an inflatable boat, meticulously capturing details of air cushions, deck, bridge, bottom part, chairs, roof rack, and other crucial components. The culmination of this process involved creating a final 3D mesh delivered in .stl format, derived from the dense point clouds, ensuring precision and accuracy in the representation of the boat’s intricate features.

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