3D Scanning, AEC, Τουρισμός

The “Out Of The Blue Capsis Elite Resort” 3D Documentation Project

As-built & 3D Documentation of Capsis Hotel in Crete.

Embarking on a captivating journey of precision and innovation, we invite you to delve into the realm of architectural artistry with this project. Located in the enchanting landscapes of Agia Pelagia, Crete, the Capsis Resort stands as a testament to refined elegance and grandeur.

Our mission was to immortalize this magnificent resort meticulously, and we employed a range of cutting-edge tools to achieve this goal. We used different kinds of instrumentation, from the handheld Leica BLK2GO laser scanner to the terrestrial Leica RTC360 laser scanner, the Leica TS16 1″ geodetic station, and the unmanned aerial vehicle Phantom 4 DJI.

The collected data, a combination of point clouds and aerial imagery, were processed with specialized software such as Leica Cyclone, Leica Cloudworx, and Agisoft Metashape Professional. Our fieldwork was a dance of precision. Employing a blend of terrestrial instruments – laser scanners, a geodetic station, and the Phantom 4 DJI drone, the result was a symphony of intricate scans capturing every nook and cranny. We embraced scanning resolutions of 6 mm/10m and 3 mm/10m, ensuring that even the tiniest details were etched into our digital canvas.

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